DIY Coin Organizer Tin


I completely forgot to take photos before I put this all together so I can’t exactly call this a tutorial. I recently found myself filling in for the treasurer of a group I volunteer with and I noticed our petty cash loose change was just in a ziplock bag. I thought, “I can organize this!” I had recently come across a neat Altoids tin hack that turned in into a little portable change box and  this was the perfect opportunity to make something like it. I didn’t have any Altoids tins so I used a Vermints tin, which unfortunately isn’t as wide as I would have liked but it does the job.



  • Candy or gum tin
  • Chipboard packaging
  • Scissors
  • Credit card or ID card
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape

I first tried to make the dividers with cardstock but found it wasn’t stiff enough. I ended up poking through my recycling and decided that the box from my antihistamines would do the trick. (Although if you’re going to carry your tin around a lot you might want something sturdier.) I ripped open the packaging so it would lie flat then folded it in half along one of the folds and cut it to approximately the height of the inside of the tin. I made 3 I-shaped dividers and then cut them down to fit in the tin. I used as many of the folds the packaging came with but I had to make some of my own folds. This is where the credit card or ID card comes in – I used my MBTA pass. It helps to make the fold straight.

After all the dividers were the right size, I glued them shut to make them more sturdy. I let them dry overnight with something heavy on top of them so they wouldn’t pop open.

I attached the dividers to the tin with double-sided tape and then put the coins in. Voila! Instant organization. 🙂


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